September 8, 2016

31-Day Nail Challenge #31DC2016 - Geek Girl Theme - Metallic

First, and most important (to a geek like me anyway) Happy 50th Anniversary to the original Star Trek series! I'll be creating a full-blown trekkie nail design later on in the challenge.

Now, to the mani at hand (pun intended). Today's prompt is "Metallic" and I have to admit - I didn't like my metallic nail art the last time I did the 31-day challenge and I don't like it now. Don't get me wrong, I think the C3PO design is cute (thanks to "Flight of Whimsy" for the idea) but I just don't like metallic polishes. My nails naturally have extremely pronounced ridges. I buff them and use a ridge-filling base coat, but there simply isn't any way to get rid of them completely. Metallic polishes show the ridges worse than any other, so I rarely use them. But, as I've heard other nail artists say, you have to "stand by your mani" so I'll stand by mine and the fretting, blustering protocol droid it features. :-)

I used bmc Liquid Gold as the metallic polish. As metallics go, I love how this one spreads smoothly and is almost a one-coat wonder. A fine point Sharpie marker and a black Kiss striper was used for the details on C3PO's face and chest plate. Different sizes of gold studs help complete the look.

Do you have a type of polish that you've tried but just don't like wearing? Let's talk about it in the comments. To see more nail challenge designs, look for the #31DC2016 tag, or browse through the In-Linkz posts below.


  1. That gold is the perfect color for C-3P0! I love the gold studs for his little rivets. What a great rendition of the original sassy robot! Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with glitter polishes. I love the fun they bring, but I hate taking them off my nails and they always seem to chip more quickly on me. I usually compromise by only putting glitter on one nail instead of all five.

  2. I completely agree about glitter! I love the way it looks, but I hate dealing with it. The best solution I've found is a peel-off base, but even that is only good if you're only planning to wear the glitter for a day or two.