September 10, 2016

31-Day Nail Challenge #31DC2016 - Geek Girl Theme - Gradient

Every fan of Joss Whedon knows the One Great Truth of the Whedonverse: eventually, and usually more than once, Joss will break your heart. Buffy leaping from the tower, Tara gunned down by a madman, Penny hit by flying shrapnel, Angel...well, pretty much all the time. But our most painful and lasting heartbreak wasn't Joss' fault. Of course, I'm talking about the cancellation of Firefly.

Now considered one of the best and most original science fiction TV shows of all time, Firefly was cancelled by FOX after their mismanagement (bad night, weak lead-in, showing the first four episodes out of order) prevented the show from finding an audience quickly. By the time people realized how amazing the show was, it had already been pulled off their schedule and the final three episodes (out of a total 14) weren't even aired. Former FOX executive Preston Beckman (@maskedscheduler) has said the cancellation of Firefly may have been the single biggest mistake FOX TV ever made. The show's ever-increasing cult status, legions of fans (called "Browncoats") and a full-length theatrical movie would seem to prove him right.

To create this gradient tribute to Firefly, I used a mix of Revlon's French Toast and Fall Mood, combined with bmc's Sunshine Yellow and Orange Peel. My thumb has a circular gradient, while the others have a standard vertical gradient. The Firefly imagery represents:

  • Thumb - An approximation of the Chinese characters from their ship, the "Serenity" (Shaney stamping plate with Wet 'n Wild Ebony Hates Chris)
  • Pointer - Arabesque pattern representing the living quarters of companion Inara Serra (Born Pretty stamping plate with Wet 'n Wild Ebony Hates Chris)
  • Middle - dragon symbol of the Blue Sun star system, home to the Alliance capital city of Meridian and the doomed planet of Miranda (Born Pretty stamping plate with Sinful Colors Rain Storm)
  • Ring - a leaf on the wind...*sniff, sniff*...sorry, it just got dusty in here... (Born Pretty water decal)
  • Pinkie - 3-D metal and rivets of the ship (Espionage Cosmetics' Nailed It Steampunk nail vinyl)
I think I need to go binge watch Firefly for the umpteenth time. If you're a fan of the Whedonverse, let's talk about it in the comments. To see more nail challenge designs, look for the #31DC2016 tag, or browse through the In-Linkz posts below.


  1. Awww, firefly! A geeky 31-day challenge line-up just wouldn't be complete without a Firefly reference. I think my favorite episode of firefly is when they went to the fancy dress party. I just loved all of the crazy costumes in that episode, and Kaylee was too adorable in her giant fluffy dress.

    1. Agreed, that's a wonderful episode. I think my favorite is "Out of Gas" where they have to abandon ship. As Mal stays behind, running out of air, he remembers how he got the Serenity and her crew.