September 3, 2016

31-Day Nail Challenge #31DC2016 - Geek Girl Theme - Yellow

This year, Pokemon celebrated its 20th anniversary commemorating the release of the original game. My son, along with the rest of the world, celebrated by making the game Pokemon Go a worldwide phenomenon. Although I never really got into chasing and capturing the little pocket monsters, I know the names of many of them - including, of course, Ash's best friend Pikachu. When I saw this adorable nail art from @grillednails, it seemed like the perfect fit for today's Yellow theme, so I've modestly tried to recreate it.

The yellow base is Sinful Colors Pull Over and the face details were created using bmc colors Noir Black and Angelic White and finishing off with Wet n' Wild I Red a Good Book for his blushing, electric-shock-throwing cheeks. My original choice for the yellow base was bmc Sunshine Yellow, but it wasn't bright enough. It looked more like a Dijon mustard color - pretty, but not the right "Pikachu yellow."

Have you been playing Pokemon Go? Which team did you choose (my son and his friends are Team Mystic) and how many have you caught? Let me know in the comments below. To see more nail challenge designs, look for the #31DC2016 tag, or browse through the In-Linkz posts below.


  1. Team Instinct here, but I don't really play enough to be any good at it. I just like to play with my kids when we walk down to the school; they get a kick out of finding the pokemon and watching me catch them. I love your pikachu mani! Pikachu is pretty much the cutest pokemon, so it's perfect to turn into a yellow manicure. :)

    1. One side benefit I didn't expect from Pokemon Go is how much easier it is to get me son to go shopping because local stores are great places to catch Pokemon or function as PokeStops.