September 12, 2016

31-Day Nail Challenge #31DC2016 - Geek Girl Theme - Stripes

Whether you're a geek or not, computers are an essential part of your daily life. At work, at home, even in your car, the computer is everywhere. But for geeks, the influence of the computer goes even further. They are the driving force of our gaming systems, the machines many of us use to make our living, and the "wow" factor in science fiction movie special effects and high-end animation.

To pay tribute to the computer, I chose the Stripes challenge to recreate a circuit board nail design originally done by SmashleySparkles. While my stripe work still isn't as tight as I'd like it to be, I'm pleased with the way it turned out.

To get the textured plastic look, I started with Sally Hansen Peel Off Base Coat and sponged on a generic glitter as a base. I covered the glitter with the one-coat bmc polish Lucky Green. The circuit board lines were hand drawn with Sally Hansen Lickity Split Lime and highlighted with gold studs. The final step was adding an OPI matte top coat.

Do you have any technique secrets for drawing perfect stripes and lines? Please tell me about them in the comments. To see more nail challenge designs, look for the #31DC2016 tag, or browse through the In-Linkz posts below.

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