September 15, 2016

31-Day Nail Challenge #31DC2016 - Geek Girl Theme - Delicate Print

In 1917, two girls from Cottingley, England claimed to have photographed real fairies dancing in their garden and effectively created the first modern-day fandom. The photos were circulated all over the world and everyone from the average person on the street to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle argued over their authenticity. Fairy societies were created and their members met to discuss fairy life and how it related to the lives and spirituality of human beings. Although the girls finally admitted in the 1980s that the photographs had been faked, the Cottingley Fairies have had magazine articles, books, and even a movie (FairyTale: A True Story) written about them.

Fairies are almost always depicted as impossibly delicate creatures with gossamer wings and silky garments, so they seemed like the perfect subject for today's Delicate Print prompt - especially since the fans of fairies were some of the first 20th-century geeks. This design also gave me the chance to use some of the Espionage Cosmetics' Nailed It nail vinyls specifically created for geek girls.

My thumb, pointer, and pinkie are decorated with the "Faeries" nail vinyl collection from Espionage Cosmetics. Tiny little fairies fly across the nails and include a gold-to-orange gradient, swirling purple vines, and a touch of sparkle. The two accent nails use a base color of Essie Go Ginza with an offset French tip using Milani Sugar Cane glitter and violet rhinestones from Born Pretty.

I really enjoy the geek girl nail vinyls from Espionage Cosmetics and use them when I'm doing cosplay or any time I just feel like letting my geek flag fly. Do you like nail vinyls? Let's talk about why (or why not) or about yoru favorite brand in the comments. To see more nail challenge designs, look for the #31DC2016 tag, or browse through the In-Linkz posts below.

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  1. Aww I remember seeing that movie in theaters when it came out. Because it was based on a true story, for a while I was convinced that fairies were real. I haven't tried nail vinyls because I don't really like to even use tape on my manis. It's a personal problem... I have trouble waiting long enough for my nail polish to dry completely before trying to put tape on top of it and my nails always get ruined! Maybe someday I will give them a try anyway though.